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Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

Stone Paper

Rozšířili jsme náš sortiment o Stone Paper - extrémně odolný minerální papír.

Více informací naleznete v sekci - Doplňkové materiály.



Headband forms a very important part of book binding which combines both functionality and aesthetics. Applied to the both ends of the book block forms a transition between it and spine of the book, and partially fills the resulting empty space there. It also protects the spine from dust. However we cannot forget the decorative function. Headband should match with the colour of the cover of the book, and therefore we offer you a wide range of colour variants.



Headband is available from stock in all listed variants in spools of 250 m.


Technical data

Bead: 100% viscose
Body of headband: 100% cotton
Width: 14 mm





The colours of images can be different from real product because of diverse screen definitions. In the case of serious interest we will send you a printed catalogue.

01 linda 01 linda
02 jitka 02 jitka
03 eva 03 eva
04 vlasta 04 vlasta
05 sabina 05 sabina
06 lenka 06 lenka
07 zuzana 07 zuzana
08 aneta 08 aneta
09 petra 09 petra
10 martina 10 martina
11 katka 11 katka
12 blanka 12 blanka

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