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Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

Stone Paper

Rozšířili jsme náš sortiment o Stone Paper - extrémně odolný minerální papír.

Více informací naleznete v sekci - Doplňkové materiály.



Arizona / Bonded leather

Arizona Bonded Leather is luxury covering and decorative material made of 100% genuine leather fibers and latex binding agents laminated on paper with transparent acrylic coating. It is suitable for covers of prestigious publications, agendas, photo albums, bibles etc. The unique properties of this material provide high quality results in blind stamping, foil blocking and screen printing. Offset printing possible (testing recommended). 



Arizona Bonded Leather is available from stock in all listed colours in roll of 70 cm or 140 cm width and 50 m length or in sheets 70x100 cm (long grain).


Technical data

Fabric: 100% recyclated genuine leather fibers laminated on paper
Weight: 350 gsm
Thickness: 0.30 - 0.35 mm








The colours of images can be different from real product because of diverse screen definitions. In the case of serious interest we will send you a printed catalogue.

5410 blue matte 5410 blue matte
4402 red 4402 red
4405 brown 4405 brown
5475 black matte 5475 black matte
4406 green 4406 green
4410 blue 4410 blue
4409 maroon 4409 maroon
4408 white 4408 white
4411 burgundy 4411 burgundy
4475 black 4475 black
5408 white matte 5408 white matte
5409 maroon matte 5409 maroon matte

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