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Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

Stone Paper

Rozšířili jsme náš sortiment o Stone Paper - extrémně odolný minerální papír.

Více informací naleznete v sekci - Doplňkové materiály.



Natural Ribbon

Ribbon completes the final appearance of the book. Applied to upper edge of the spine under the headband  serves for marking of certain parts in the book, so as a bookmark. Satin ribbons we offer have reinforced edges to prevent fraying. Natural Ribbon will give you publication very natural appearance.



The listed ribbons are available from stock in spools of 100/300 m (6 mm and 8 mm) or 50/300 m (SNAKE) length.


Technical data

Fabric: 100% cotton
Width: 6 mm/8 mm/SNAKE






The colours of images can be different from real product because of diverse screen definitions. In the case of serious interest we will send you a printed catalogue.

6 mm 6 mm
8 mm 8 mm
snake snake

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