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Paperworld Frankfurt 2018

Stone Paper

Rozšířili jsme náš sortiment o Stone Paper - extrémně odolný minerální papír.

Více informací naleznete v sekci - Doplňkové materiály.



Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is used as a reinforcement material for spines of hard cover books. Its advantage is high strength guaranteed by the contraction of crepe paper after the glue dries. If the creping is higher the spine of book where it is used is stronger. We deliver this material in four different variants. The white variant we offer in weights of 70/75 gsm, 70/90 gsm and 70/110 gsm, so you can choose the right one according to the thickness of the book block. Brown crepe paper in weight of 90/95 gsm serves as a carrier of the headband. 



Crepe paper is available from stock in all variants in coils of maximum outside diameter of 38 cm in different widths from 3 cm up to mother roll width of 115 cm.


Technical data

Fabric: crepe kraft paper
Width: 3 - 115 cm
Inner diameter core: 76 mm







The colours of images can be different from real product because of diverse screen definitions. In the case of serious interest we will send you a printed catalogue.

KB 70/75 KB 70/75
KB 70/90 KB 70/90
KB 70/110 KB 70/110
KH 90/95 KH 90/95

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